Working in a Spanish translation for L2beat

Hi all! I’m Joxes from DeFi LATAM and together with DeFi para Principiantes we’re building a community called L2 en Español, dedicated to discussion, education, adoption and researching about all related to Ethereum’s scaling solutions.

We are currently quite motivated to reduce the information asymmetry between L2 research and spanish-speaking users. We currently take L2Beat as a reference page to discuss the current situation and status of L2. We love it.

To solve this, we want to contribute translating the website to spanish. There is no perfect translation for various denominations and there has been consensus in keeping some in English (such as Rollup) and that is why we know what criteria to consider in each word, we feel ready to contribute with the correct terminology/nomenclatures. Our intention is to formalize our full disposition/willingness.

Please let us know if this is possible. Thank you!


Count me in bro, i would be honored to help with the translations.

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That’s a great idea. I think that this would really benefit the Spanish speaking community as well as other communities in the future.

There is just one problem currently - L2BEAT is written in a way that doesn’t support i18n. Adding translations at this stage would be quite an undertaking, so adding support for i18n to the system is crucial if the website is to be multilingual.

Currently adding such support isn’t on our roadmap, firstly because we’re currently focused on other things, but also because of some problems that arise with translations:

  • the website is a living thing - we always change descriptions and add new things. How would we ensure that translations stay in sync?
  • noone in L2BEAT currently speaks spanish. Opening ourselves more to that community sounds great but who would speak to them?

I am curious to see your opinions on how those problems could be resolved

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If we have Mandarin version, thats also great!! :smile:

Hello @PiotrSzlachciak thanks for reply!

We are sorry that i18n will not be supported in the short term.

About first point, in L2 en Español we have contributors and team members with experience, interested and contributing to those labour in other projects (and other members of our community also expressed their desire to help), we can organize ourselves to ensure that everything is completed in a reasonable time. On second point (and related to the first one) we able to stay in communication in english, I don’t see that as a problem:

In the meantime, we will contribute in our work to reduce information asymmetry, and will stay here, we love L2beat!