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This is Tommi from Mangata Finance. Mangata is an upcoming interchain DEX that ties into Polkadot and Ethereum. The core product is operating for almost a year on Polkadot’s innovation network Kusama and is now feature-complete and will launch in Polkadot in the coming months.

Recently we announced that we are extending Mangata to Ethereum. We will use our decentralized sequencer capabilities inherited from Polkadot’s tech stack Substrate to launch with decentralized sequencing from the launch on Ethereum.

Our design intends to tie in Mangata as L2 into multiple L1s. We will rely on Polkadot to prove execution correctness but use zk-rollups to facilitate token transfers on multiple chains. The result will be an app-specific chain that has a few similar properties to a bridge, but not to the full extent; instead, just make native tokens available for trade from multiple ecosystems.

We are requesting to get listed as an upcoming network and are happy to answer any questions or get in contact.

You can reach out to me via Telegram @alice_und_bob


Hi @tommi_mangata can you briefly describe the upcoming architecture of Mangata on Ethereum ? I have not had a chance to look at the specifics of Mangata and, given that l2beat focuses on Ethereum’s rollups and bridges, generally we don’t list rollups on other chains at the moment.

Generally we consider Rollups (or, more broadly, L2s) as constructions that allow users to retain self-sovereignty of the funds that they move to these constructions. This means that in case of a full failure of rollup operators (either via malfunction, malicious operations, enforced shutdown, etc…) users should still be able to withdraw their assets even if they, themselves, were offline for a prolonged period of time. The security assumptions of Rollups, ideally, should not stretch beyond Ethereum itself (although in practice we do allow for so-called training-wheels, e.g. MSigs with upgrade facility), for L2s there is an additional security assumption related to the honesty of DA used (which - in case of non rollups - is not Ethereum).

Having said that, with your upcoming support for Ethereum, we would like to know why you classified your construction as a zkRollup rather than, e.g. zkBridge or simply a dApp using zk technology.

HI @Bartek, thanks for getting back!

Mangata will not be a full zk-rollup. We’re still researching which properties of zk-rollups we want to represent. There is a possibility that it will be a hybrid solution containing optimistic properties.

Mangata will be a rollup by the definition you have described. Ethereum users will always be able to withdraw assets, even in the case of a rollup failure. You could categorize this as an Ethereum rollup with a ZK bridge to Polkadot.

The Mangata team is building a ZK consensus proof, as described by Polytope Labs here: Consensus Proofs

Our high-level approach is described here: